Tuesday, 22 April 2014

C Program to Find Size of int, float, double and char of Your System

The size of a character is always 1 byte but, size of int, float and double variables differs from system to system. This program will compute the size of int, float, double and char of you system using sizeof operator. The syntax of size of operator is:

temp = sizeof(operand);
/* Here, temp is a variable of type integer,i.e, sizeof() operator 
   returns integer value. */

Source Code

/* This program computes the size of variable using sizeof operator.*/

#include <stdio.h>
int main(){
    int a;
    float b;
    double c;
    char d;
    printf("Size of int: %d bytes\n",sizeof(a));
    printf("Size of float: %d bytes\n",sizeof(b));
    printf("Size of double: %d bytes\n",sizeof(c));
    printf("Size of char: %d byte\n",sizeof(d));
    return 0;

Size of int: 4 bytes
Size of float: 4 bytes
Size of double: 8 bytes
Size of char: 1 byte
Note: You may get different output depending upon your system.


In this program, 4 variables a, b, c and d are declared of type int, float, double and char respectively. Then, the size of these variables is computed using sizeof operator and displayed.
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